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Saga Winter Neck

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Saga Winter Neck is a soft and long neck warmer with a folded rib collar. The back section is knitted from the bottom up and the neckline is shaped before the front is knitted the same way as the back. At the end, the stitches for the neck collar are picked up from the neckline and it is knitted in rib and folded over. If you think silk mohair yarn is too scratchy, you can leave that out when knitting the inside/first half of the neck collar.

Level of difficulty: 1 out of 5

XS/S (M/L) XL/2XL (3XL/5XL)

approx. 31 (35) 37 (39) cm

approx. 37 (39) 40 (42) cm

Suggested needles
7 mm circular needles (40 and 60 or 80 cm)

14 sts = 10 cm on needle 7 mm

Suggested yarn
150 (150) 150 (150) g Du Store Alpakka Pus (50g = 100m) or Isager Alpaca 3 (50g = 125m) or Camarose Snefnug (50g = 110m) or Rauma Puno (50g = 110m) or 100 (100) 150 (150) g Sandnes KOS (50g = 150m) or Viking Alpaca Bris (50g = 150m) or Drops Air (50g = 150m) or 200 (200) 200 (200) g Rauma Vams (50g = 83m)

Knitted held together with

50 (50) 50 (50) g Filcolana Tilia (25g = 195m) or Sandnes Tynn Silk Mohair (25g = 212m) or Isager Yarn Silk Mohair (25g = 212m) or Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair (25g = 225m) or Drops Kid-Silk (25g = 200m) or Viking Kid-Silk (25g = 200m)

❋ For a version without Silk mohair/Kid-Silk, you can knit with Tibet from Cewec. Then you knit holding three strands together and the total yarnage is 125 (125) 125 (125) g.

Beige: DSA Pus with Tilia from Filcolana - @novemberknits
Brown: KOS with Tynn silk mohair from Sandnes Garn - @kamillestickar
Grey: Alpaca 3 with Silk mohair from Isager - @m.aanonsen

The pattern is sent as a PDF file by mail